About Me

My name is Raluca Ionita (in Giani), Lover of Art and all the facets in which she manifests herself.

I was born in Transylvania, in Brasov (RO) in 1980. After spending my adolescence at the foot of Dracula's castle and graduating from the Liceo Artistico, I was just over twenty years old I move to Italy.

On a stable floor I live near Milan, in Legnano, where I work for many years as a bartender in a very popular American bar. As an art lover I am also playing the role of performer in a show that illuminates menegine nights. In this wonderful period I know what would later become my husband, Nicolas, with whom shortly after I get married in Ibiza. Our beautiful little girl, Blanca, is named after the Ibizan island. To complete the family there are a tender spitz named Blum and a small peste just arrived named Jill.

On this path we follow my husband in his work (plays football) moving to many wonderful cities.

Como, Vicenza, Perugia, Ferrara, La Spezia and finally Desenzano del Garda, the place where we currently live.

In this splendid location, full of nature, colours and open-air works of art, the desire to embrace a love born since childhood grows in me. I finally decide to make that dream come true for too long that has been locked in a drawer, Painting.

Without much hesitation I dust off canvases and brushes, giving free rein to my imagination and my newfound creativity, integrating various studies and training courses.

My works are made on canvas, using acrylic paints and mixed techniques. Stucco, spatulated gypsum, resin, material elements and natural elements, to which I am very attached, become an integral part of my paintings, often combined with my personal vision of Abstract Art, Material Art and Figurative Art. I find a lot of inspiration from nature, in Nature, from the energy it transmits to me and that I try to transfer into my works.

In addition to the realisation of paintings from my personal inspiration, I also realise on commission, trying to fulfil customer requests while retaining my creative footprint.


Exhibition at Solis Academy


My new personal exhibition at the Solis Academy in Brescia is entitled ‘The New Woman’. Inaugurated on Saturday, December 3 with the presentation of the critic Simone Fappanni. At the centre of the works as always is my desire to express the energy that emanates from nature and that gives emotions. This is why it explains the choice to use supports and materials proper to the Beaux-Arts accompanied by elements found in nature, which create an unrepeatable unicum. The review can be visited until January 24.


Art in Art


From 16 to 25 April 2022 I exhibit at the exhibition ‘Art in Art’ at the Birolli Hall, in Verona. This is my first exhibition in a group exhibition organised by RosArt Contemporary Verona, of which I am very proud

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